2012: What a year you were... I experienced some extreme highs and lows but through them all I never lost sight of God's hand at work even when I didn't fully understand. The abundant blessings that many see has come with many trials, travails and sacrifice. To whom much is given, much is required.

I've learned to accept this and trust that the Lord has a plan & will for me far bigger and greater that I am capable of fathoming. I know that anything worth talking about that's of any good as it relates to me is because of HIM. My confidence in the use of my gifts and talents and the fearlessness to EXECUTE them isn't because I think I'm so good, it's because HE gave me those things to impact and change the world in my own unique way and by grace one that I enjoy. God is the giver of the gifts, so my confidence and boast is not in me or my abilities, but it is in the ONE who has allowed it be so because it didn't have to be that way. I'm thankful HE chose me even when often times I feel so unworthy.

As I look ahead to 2013 I see even bigger and greater things happening. My expectations do not only lie in my professional endeavors, but in my personal and spiritual life as well. One of my prayers has always been that "Lord, the higher you take me please allow me to be mature enough to handle it and that I won't lose sight of YOU in the process...". Something we can all ponder on for a moment.

Blessings to you all & HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!


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    The Gardens at Liberty Park,  Streetsboro
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