My day began in a somewhat of a melancholy mood as thoughts of my dad ran through my mind and how much I miss him. There are so many days I wish I could pick of the phone and call or take a drive to go see him to seek his advice or wisdom about the things I go through as a man. He was so transparent and I appreciated that about him. I always got a little emotional whenever we had to part from my first day of kindergarten until I was a teenager. I loved him just that much. A perfect man he wasn't but he was a good man with a good heart. He was and still is my hero. Our journey together in this life ended when he was 37 and I was 13. I was shattered because being a forward-thinking young man I knew how important my father was to me. In that short 13 year period I had with him he taught me so much about life and music. Things that have remained with me over 25 years later.

My love for music began with him. He too was a performer and band leader but he reached a point where he saw he couldn't achieve his dream for stardom and walked away from it. I learned years later from my grandmother that he shared with her that since it didn't happen for him maybe one day it would happen for me. I chose to pursue this path because of my passion for it but there's that underlining thing that drives me when I feel like I can't when I think of those words he shared.

I'd like to believe he'd be proud of what I've been able to accomplish with his namesake by the grace of God I just wish he were here to witness it. I guess my life's plan required that he would leave me so that I could become a stronger man. The lessons learned from him that now I better understand are helping me to become a better man. You never really know who you are and what you've learned in totality from your parents until they are no longer around to fall back on.

I shared this story to say FATHERS please know the importance of your role in the lives of your children. They need you now more than ever before to show them the way of wisdom and godliness. MOTHERS if you and the father of your children didn't work out, don't make the children suffer by spitefully keeping them away from their father. If he wants to be there, let him. FATHERS if you have children you haven't been responsible to STOP what you're doing find your children, hug them, love them and BE THERE.

Happy Father's Day to all you hands-on dads outthere. I see you and I salute you all....Happy Father's Day, Dad. I miss you more than words can express. Thank you, Lord for the surrogates you placed in my life along the way that have and are helping me get from one place in manhood to another. I pray my efforts to mentor young men have been proactive in their journey as my surrogates were and have been to me.
Peace & Blessings

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