I've been songwriting and producing for over 25 years and it's still a beautifully complicated process. As a songwriter for hire your focus is writing a HIT single for someone. As an album songwriter or producer the goal isn't to produce an album with all HIT songs. The goal is to write or collect great songs that connect or bridge the HITS or potential singles together to create a pleasurable listening experience devoid of "skipping" tunes to get to the HITS.

In that position I set out to craft great songs and from years of experience I know a good album song from a HIT. You can usually tell the moment you play the first note of the track or write the first lines of the song and for those of us truly committed to the art of creating music it isn't a matter of if it's a HIT or not it's about telling the story. My mantra is to always remember to that I am a music lover first and a music maker second...‪#‎alvinfrazier‬ ‪#‎songwriter‬ ‪#‎producer‬ ‪#‎musicloverfirst‬

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