This can't be stressed enough in a society where people have images coming at them at every turn. When promoting your brand, product, event etc. ask yourself these questions, "Does this have appeal beyond family and friends?" "How does this compare to similar ads?" You want it to standout because it looks good, not because it looks bad.

Being very critical of advertising because I know how crucial it is to have broadened appeal, if I see an ad or promo for something that looks subpar (cheap, cheesy or thrown together) I instantly draw the conclusion that the product isn't worth buying or the event isn't worth attending. I could be completely wrong but your ad or promo is the first point of sale. My thoughts would lean towards "They didn't put much effort into promoting it with quality then that stands to reason that it isn't worth indulging..."

Those are NOT the kinds of thoughts we want people to have regarding our brand, product or events. It doesn't require an extensive amount of money to get a professional looking ad or promo done it just may require a little research which is well worth it so that your hard work to create your brand, product or event won't be in vain. It deserves the best so put your best foot forward. ‪#‎branding‬ ‪#‎marketing‬ ‪#‎simpletips

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