Hey It's Me Again, As always I want to take the time to thank everyone who came out to my tour kick-off concert / dinner this past weekend. Didn't we have a blast?! We ate, we grooved, we laughed, we worshiped and we danced. All this on a Saturday night and still giving God the glory all the while. The doors that God has opened for me has been unreal. I often say to myself that I don't deserve this favor that He has given. I know that I am not worthy by my own efforts, but God who is rich in mercy never ceases to amaze me. 2007 like life itself had it's ups and downs, but a lot of wonderful things happened for me last year. I was the first Christian artist to headline the world-renowned Night Town in Cleveland, Ohio. The show was a big success! Earlier that year I became the lead singer of the multiracial acapella group, Praise-apella. During my time with the group we had the chance to minister before 25, 000 people at The Fest as well as record a Christmas album together. God had it set up where I found myself in rotation in 4 different music genres in one year 3 at the same time at one point. Gospel, Christian, R & B and Smooth Jazz, a rare feat for and up and coming independent artist! Glory be to God! Along with my debut album, "Love & Faith: Volume 1", I was featured on a total of 3 albums in 2007, Tony Lee's " Speak Life" in which I wrote and produced a great tune entitled "Be Strong" the he and I performed together. I also recorded "The Perfect Gift" with Praise-apella. A great Christmas album that we followed with a series of awesome Christmas concerts. There are many more accomplishments that I can tell you the Lord did, but I'm sure you get the picture (smile). I'm not boasting in myself (I'm nothing without HIM). I'm boasting about what the Lord has done. When He gives you vision and purpose, trust and believe Him then watch Him work. How I managed to juggle a career as a solo artist, lead singer and producer in one year is truly a mystery to me and can only be attributed to a great and mighty God who surely has a plan and purpose for my life. Here we are at 2008 and the Lord is still on the case. Some great things are on the horizon. I won't mention them in detail just yet. I am still being prayerful. However, I am leaving for a tour of Japan in a few days. I am very excited and nervous at the same time. This isn't to say that I haven't come across some opposition, but this is in the Lord's hands and His will has to be done. Keep me in your prayers as I prepare for this journey. I am looking forward to bringing the message of Love & Faith to our troops as well as civillians overseas. Peace & Love Your Brother alvin

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