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See, I told y'all I would do better. ;-) A couple of months ago my manager / business partner calls me to match calendars and to inform me about a booking in Detroit at a club called Baker's. I've been to the city quite a few times and I've never heard of the place. Where was I??? As always I do my due dilligence and research the venue only to find out that its a historical venue of sorts in the jazz music world having been in operation since 1934 making it the oldest operating jazz club in the world. Wow. World renowned the venue has hosted all the greats in jazz. Once I got word back to my band The joshua Trio we were estatic about playing this legendary club.

The day finally arrives and we're on the road heading to the Motorcity. Once we arrive in the city (considering the Kid {me} knows his way around the city alittle bit) I make a slight detour to take the guys by 2648 W. Grand Blvd. the original home of Hitsville USA aka Motown Records. The fellas had never been there before so that was my way of making the trip "official". After a brief photo session it was on to the club to set up for the show.

Pulling up to the venue and seeing the band's name on the marquee was such an experience. It made all the obstacles I faced that week leading up to the gig worth while. As usual I had my pre-show jitters. You know butterflies in the stomach, increased heart rate, etc. Lol! Anytime we play a "venue of note" as I call them there's always a sense of pressure to really do a great job. Surely, we're professionals at this but I never try to depend solely on my musical abilities to pull off a great performance. It's a must I tap into the source....GOD. I firmly believe that if I continue to turn to Him for guidance and direction, all will be well and it usually always is.

My man, jazz trumpeter Lin Rountree (who lives in Detroit) came in cool as ever and ready to blow. By the time we hit the stage at 8:58pm the place was packed. From the first tune the audience were in sync with us and I worked my charm with all I had to win them. :-) There was certainly magic in the air maybe it was because of all the legends who had graced the very stage we were standing on, the energy of the trio, the excitement of the crowd or just the Lord smiling on us yet again. Perhaps all the above.

The evening was filled with great performances and improvisations with me, the band and the audience. When we finished our final tune with those who stayed for the late set, still lively and singing along with us, the trio felt a sense of accomplishment and solidarity that comes with knowing that we gave a great show and gained new fans in a new city. To God be the glory! Real talk.

God Bless Y'all,


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