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Ok, I'm alittle delinquent this Summer with writing you all. Be patient I'm working on it. LOL! In June me and couple of my bandmates made the trip to Nashville for Summer NAMM (18-22) and what an experience it was. We got a chance to check out all the latest gear and meet some really cool people. My main objective was for networking and connecting with companies who's products I used or would like to use. I was even able to catch up with a few friends who relocated there. In case you didn't know I have been contemplating a move to Nashville for the past couple of years and I plan to make the move in 2011. NAMM took place during the day at the Nashville Convention Center (which my hotel was connected to) so my evenings were free and that afforded me the opportunity to really check out the city. I had performed Nashville a year earlier, but I was only there for a day then it was back on the road.

The city was everything I had heard it was, full of music and great people. On any given night you could go someplace to hear good music and for a band of muscians from out of town we loved it! From MC's to live trio's you were liable to catch all of that on the street corners before you even decided what venue you wanted to go to. How cool is that??? As I sat and talked with different people who resided in the city, old friends and new friends I discovered how transcient the city actually was. Everybody was from someplace else... I heard nothing but good things. Of course, I realize that every city has its good and bad points, but good surely outweighed the bad. As much fun as the fellas and I had a Summer NAMM, my colleagues tell me that I must make my way Anaheim, CA for Winter NAMM 2011. On to California it is..... Lord-willing.. :-) In the meantime, I am definitely looking forward to visiting and performing in the Music City really soon....

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