Man, oh man the challenges life will bring. No matter what don't change your course. Adversity doesn't come to necessarily sway you but to test you and more specifically your faith. I made the leap of faith to move to New York last year and I love it there but it had some serious difficulties. I assumed that since I was instructed to move there HE would allow everything to fall into place right? Wrong, not quite. There were way more positives than negatives but not as ideal of a situation as I anticipated. I felt a sense of security as long as I had a gig then all of a sudden the "SOULmate?" stage play tour that I starring in ended abruptly midway though the tour. How could this happen? We were a HIT! No time to focus on that what do I do now? I'm living in NY without a gig. There's quite a bit I'll leave out for now but the short version is that I got some calls back home in Cleveland for work and I accepted. The thought of having to return to work was discouraging and I felt like I had failed but on the other hand it was home and I had a solid network to book work while I readjusted my plan for NYC. It's been cool to be back temporarily and work consistently but it's also allowing me to complete my next album and reactivate my bands. It's been a very productive time so as I prepare to return to New York in a few months I'll have some additional things under my belt that will be beneficial to reconvening this next chapter. The moral of the story is a delay isn't a denial. Trust the process. God will not go back on His promises. In the meantime, I'll be getting myself prepared to continue my life in the Big Apple...

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