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This is my first "official" blog although I've been blogging from time to time in the "News / Journal" section of my site for the last 5 years. Let's see where do I start? This year for me has been an amazing one professionally and painful personally. The joshua Trio has been enjoying a successful run in their first residence at a venue, my new album is almost done. The new single from it is slated for release in a few weeks and I'm preparing to hit the road for some dates to promote the album soon.


I've been doing quite a bit of acting which kicked back into gear after I landed the leading male role in "The Bridge of No Return" stageplay last Fall and hasn't stopped since. I didn't realize how much I missed it (acting) until I got back into it. I've appeared in 2 short films "Crystal Teardrops" & "Proof", a television series "Crimestoppers", an internet television series "The So What". I played the lead role of "Jesus" in the stage production "He Did It For Me" back in April and preparing to participate in an urban ballet in December 2012 entitled "A Son is Given". In July I played my first engagement in the Big Apple at the Sugar Bar and I'm happy to announce I will be playing a return engagement October 12!! I cannot express how excited I am to gear up for the "Love & Faith" shows in support of the new album.


Now the difficult part... Last year in February I got a call from little sister with news that she was diagnosed with breast cancer. What a blow. I encouraged her to pray and to stay positive and strong in the mind, which she is as with most of the women in my family. I'm glad to say that although she lost her left breast, she is cancer free and her breast was re-constructed. Praise God!! I received that call on November 21, 2011. On November 23, 2011 my mom called to inform me she was diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer. 


I knew what that meant, but I remained optimistic and encouraged mom to do the same. In late march she began radiation treatments with chemo to follow in April. She had her good and bad days, but all in all my mom was a trooper. Always had been. Later in April she came down with pneumonia and passed away a few days later. I did my best to prepare myself after her initial diagnosis, but I was heartbroken none the less when I got "the call" that she had slipped away before I could fly down to Florida to see her. Such a bittersweet time for me. Here I was, preparing for my big screen debut in "Crystal Teardrops" as it was being shown at the Greater Cleveland Urban Film Festival with thoughts of my mom being very ill. I had a full weekend of engagements to perform and I needed to do them so I could gather enough money for flight and other travel expenses on Monday, my birthday April 23. In the middle of that weekend on the morning of April 21 my mother, Dorothy M. Frazier left this world to be with the Lord. 

The road has and will be a difficult one as we deal with the loss of mom. My mother was strong and we too have inherited that characteristic and will continue to keep moving forward with the help of the Lord as we travel the road ahead.

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