Hey It's Me Again, I know it's been a few months since I've blogged, but things have been hectic that's all. This past year for me as an artist has been truly amazing. God has showed out time and time again. So many doors and opportunities have been given. It seems unreal at times. However with all the great highs there have been some lows, but I keep reminding myself of how good the Lord has been and still is. Being thankful for what I do have as opposed to complaining about what I don't have keeps things in perspective for me. I truly believe that if God has brought me to it, He will bring me through it... 2008 is looking to be a monumental year. So many things are on the table, The House of Blues, touring in Japan and possibly Germany (still sketching out the details on that one), California & Atlanta to name a few. Not to mention expanding into a larger radio market. I am overjoyed and yet remaining prayerful. Support your independent artists! We have a message that needs to be heard. Quality music that will minister to your heart and soul. That's what I'm bringing. So SPREAD THE WORD! The Love & Faith: Experience LIVE will be coming to a city near you. Call your radio stations and request my music. I appreciate the luv! Peace & Blessings alvin

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Where I'll be...

  • Dec 19
    The Gardens at Liberty Park,  Streetsboro
  • Dec 20
    Frederick's Wine & Dine,  Warrensville Heights
  • Dec 26
    Cleveland Clinic Building "J",  Cleveland
  • Dec 30
    MetroHealth,  Cleveland

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