Ok Y'all I know its been a minute but I'm trying to get back to my blogs again so I can keep my peoples informed on what's new with me. One of the greatest experiences I've had since being in the music business was attending the 4th Annual International Soul Music Summit in Atlanta recently. The wealth of information provided during the panel discussions were priceless and the networking opportunities were awesome. I enjoyed performing and just hanging out talking with different artists from all across the country. The world even! For me being asked to come was an even greater accomplishment being that I have a unique spin on the type of "Soul" music that I do. I am so grateful to God for the doors that He opens which allows me to reach people who just don't do the "church thing" and if so not very often. Surely its challenging at times because you just don't know how people will react to you, but what I'm doing is so much bigger than me and I realize that God is in control so I just do my part and let Him take it from there. My music and stage performance is all apart of the entertainment vehicle I use to reach the masses with my message of Love & Faith. I could say that music is my chosen career path, but its more like a divine partnership because this is definitely a ministry as well most importantly. I had the chance to meet and talk with many artists whom I admired over the years and that was really inspiring. The whole weekend was inspiring on so many different levels. Oh yeah, I saw some craziness but I refused to let it deter me from what I came there for: to perform (minister) and to network. I left Atlanta feeling energized and ready to make my dreams a reality with the Lord's help, of course. God Bless alvin

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