In March, The joshua Trio celebrated being together 8 years with a celebration at Opus where we have performed every Sunday evening since the end of last year. These last few months have been amazing. For years I was very reluctant to take on a residency for the trio out of the fear of becoming too commonplace, but I realized that in light of preparing to enter the studio to record an album that we needed to expand our fanbase and that fans needed a place that could come to see us perform on a regular basis.

The residency at Opus has done just that, although we still play other venues and will be hitting the road this Summer we enjoy the feeling of having a "home" so-to-speak. The sound that we have as a unit is very unique and it truly sets us apart from the other bands and that was always my goal from the start when I formed this group.

8 years ago I had just recently disbanded my first group and wasn't sure what my step would be, but I knew if I formed another band it had to be different than my first one. I really wanted a more sophisticated sound and decided to try to achieve it with less people going from a 5-piece to a 3-piece. I knew it would be challenging, but with the right cats it could work.

Elijah was drumming for the first group and I already knew he had the goods for this next venture, but we needed a board player with "true jazz" chops. We found that in Derrick who I met through a former bandmate. I didn't know how in-depth he was with jazz until we ended up on a Billie Holiday tribute together and I was blown away by his authenticity to the music. I wanted desperately to become a more serious jazz player and I knew I needed to be around people who knew the music. I had a great ear for it, but I didn't have the experience that comes from playing it often. After the gig I told Derrick that I would call on him someday and I kept my promise. I had a plan, just wasn't sure what it was at the time...

Almost 2 years later the time came and I reached out to D about my vision for a trio. I was divinely given the name "Joshua" from the character in the bible. I didn't know why that was dropped in my spirit. One day I decided to open my concordance to look the name up and it's meaning "the Lord is salvation". That was all I needed to know and so it was. He agreed to come onboard and we had our first rehearsal / meeting in my sister's basement in March 2004. The best thing I could've done was to get a hold of two cats who were stronger musicians than I, because that meant I could not be lazy. I had to be, get and stay ontop of my game. That's been my philosophy with forming any band. Part of the reason I am the musician I am today is because of that.

Here we are 8 years later, still together older, wiser & stronger as a unit than we ever were. Surely, we've had our share of ups & downs, but we love each other and we are "brothers". We don't always agree, but we respect one another and I am very fortunate to share the stage with these guys. They have made me a better musician, leader & man.

Another beautiful thing about when God had His hand in something He always makes sure you're covered. Due to the fact we all have hectic schedules, sometimes we aren't all available to perform together. As the leader / spokeman for the group I still may have to take the engagement and there are times when the public may see a different line-up that would include a long-time musician / friend / collaborator and amazing keyboardist Cynethiel King and a man of many talents Damon Taylor on drums both of whom possess the same kindred spirit and sensitivity as Derrick & Elijah therefore the performances are still dynamite!!!

Here's to many more years fellas!! Happy Anniversary!!!

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