18 years ago yesterday I lost my "old" life to gain a "new" one by making the most important decision of my life. That decision was an exchange of sorts. I gave that "old" life to Jesus Christ and in return HE gave me a renewed life in Him. The path that had lead me to that point on the evening of December 31, 1995 was one that brought me to ruin.

I can tend to be very stubborn and strong-willed and God pressed me to the breaking point to save me from myself. When I made that long walk down the aisleway of the church to accept the Lord Jesus as my personal savior I made a vow to myself that come what may I would serve Him.

Many testings of my faith has come since then. Some were so painful that I considered disavowing what I had chosen to believe on that night, but the spirit and power of GOD that lives within would not allow it to be so and has kept me through it all. HE has been my ROCK. When my character, attitude, circumstances, career and relationships have been inconsistent HE has remained consistent along with being sovereign, long-suffering, faithful, forgiving and loving. When I fail, HE yet redeems me. I am thankful for the cleansing blood of Jesus.

New Year's Day for me is more than just being alive to see another year which is a blessing in itself, it is a commemoration of when I came out of the darkness of my former life and into the marvelous light of my new one... To GOD be the Glory


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