Journey to Love

Eddie Baccus, Jr. featuring alvin frazier
Alvin J. Frazier II


I recorded the rhythm section of this song back in 2004 with the intention of writing lyrics for it, but never got past the melody. I met Eddie in early 2005 and we met at my place to listen to some music and I played the track for him and he loved it. I sang the melody of the verses and the chorus to him and he picked it right up! The session was done it about 2 takes at my home studio that night.

I thought it was a nice tune, but had no idea the impact the song would have on the listening public. Although Eddie had been recording and touring with the jazz group Pieces of a Dream for a number of years at that time, Journey to Love all but catapulted him outfront as a bonafide solo artist with a hit eventhough the song wasn't "officially" released.

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